Laughing Gull Chocolates

Many thanks for Laughing Gull Chocolates’ raffle basket donation sliding over the plate for a photo finish into our big raffle Saturday!

They sell ethically-sourced artisan chocolates that are made in their shop on East Main St. and have many vegan options available including all their drinks, select truffles, dipped fruits and bark.

The basket contained some of their products and a certificate for a chocolate making workshop (where you can create vegan chocolate ganache in a variety of flavors!).

Institute for Animal Happiness

Thank you to our friends at The Institute for Animal Happiness, for donating a raffle basket!  The raffle basket will include some of the vegan-message items they sell.

What is the IFAH?  Rebecca says,

“We create art and opportunities that encourage joy, learning, non-speciesist dialogue and positive action for animals that is grounded in a vegan, animal rights = human rights (Intersectional) philosophy. IFAH also creates empowering and fun message-wear that helps support our animal rescue, care & advocacy efforts – and has supported the efforts of many great organizations. We also make spontaneous gifts of our merch to hard working animal rights advocates in the trenches, because we’ve been there and know that a sign of support and a warm hat in winter can be meaningful when you are outside caring for animals or leafletting in the cold.”

Among many other things, they have recorded a song, Animal Anthem.