21 Days of Love Starts Today – with Breakfast!

You can join the Facebook group to start your free 21-day supported vegan challenge — special Rochester VegFest edition — as part of the #RocVeganVideoExpo.

You’ll have a vegan mentor and all the support you need.  If you’re not on Facebook, the videos (closed captioned) will be posted here daily under the tag 21DaysoLove and you can get free friendly one-on-one support through ARRoc.

Tell us about Breakfast, Nolan!


21 Days of Love Vegan Kickstarter

We’re so happy that 21 Days of Love is creating new educational videos for a special Rochester VegFest #RocVeganVideoExpo session of their Vegan Kickstarter program, starting Monday.  Would you like to go vegan but would like support getting started?

21 Days of Love is a group on Facebook designed for those who are interested in giving veganism a try and learning a little more about it. Anyone interested agrees to commit to being vegan for three weeks. They will be teamed up with a mentor and be given access to daily videos with different topics about veganism including meal ideas. The program is free and welcomes everyone! Join and get ready to go!

We’ll be running the videos here every day tagged 21DaysofLove for those of you who aren’t on Facebook but would like to follow along.  If you need support off Facebook, ARRoc runs a free one-on-one coaching service.