Rochester VegFest

The Vegfest festival is currently POSTPONED to 2022

Past festivals were in Martin Luther King Jr. Park in downtown Rochester, NY.

Thank you to everyone who came to Rochester VegFest 2019!
First batch of photos are up!  & Second batch!

Also: 2018 photos2017 recap and photo gallery!

Speakers!  Vendors!  Raffles!  Giveaways!  Kids’ Table!  Teen Tent!

Free entry, but $3 (or more) suggested donation gets you a free raffle ticket!
Also a free SWAG bag for the first 100 people to donate!  Those go fast, so hurry in!

Limited supply of 2019 Shirts and Tank Tops are available at half price.  Beautiful VegFest aluminum water bottles for sale.  Contact us.

Other projects from your VegFest Team:

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