2019 Speakers:

11 am: Dr. Chris Hirschler, Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Health and Physical Education at Monmouth University. Chris founded Plants for Peace.
“The Dimensions of Wellness: Lessons from a 20-year vegan journey”
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12:30 pm: Jonell Belcher-Chudyk, Mockingbird Farm Sanctuary
“Animal Rights as Transformation”
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2:00 pm: Tim Kaufman, “Fat Man Rants” and Fat Man Foods.
“Finding the Road to Health and Wellness”
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2018 Speakers:

Sarah Goodenough, local nurse who has lost 160 pounds by eating a plant based diet, owner of Kitchen Verde & Verde Health

Kevin Lahey and Ben Le Roi, activists and producers of the Livegan Podcast

Dr. Milton Mills, a critical care physician who has been featured in the movies “What the Health” and the upcoming “The Invisible Vegan”

2017 speakers:

Torre Washington
Jo-anne McArthur
Ted Barnett, M.D.
Harold Brown
Kerry Graff, M.D.
Bruce Monger, PhD.
Cam F. Awesome
Mark Devries
Mike Stura
Josh Keeler, D.C.

…and the film What the Health