Yoga Class – Sandy Hicks

September 15th during Rochester VegFest!  Classes are $20 and all proceeds go to charity – half go to Rochester VegFest and half to Sandy’s choice of the Rochester Area Vegan Society. Our gratitude to Sandy for donating her time! And thank you for supporting VegFest!

11:30 am – 12:30 pm – Sandy Hicks – Purchase tickets at VegFest Booth

Sandy HicksNamaste friends. My name is Sandy but am often called Saraja, the name given to me by my teacher Brahamand Stapleton after 20 years of 4 path yoga study under his wing. Yoga / meditation has never not been a part of my memory. At the age of 11, I sat upon a rooftop in downtown Rochester with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and discovered Transcendental Meditation. My adult yogic path is Jnana Yoga, and it has served me to create Yoga Teacher Trainings with great depth, wisdom, and transformation. So very blessed to have had parents that allowed me to eat and drink whatever I wanted ever since I can remember. One of my earliest memories was sitting with the cows that butted up to my parents’ land, and knowing they were my friends, not food or drink. At about 7, I realized we were all connected. And that is Yoga, that knowingness of this, is the greatest path to peace I think one can have.

On September 15th, I offer a class of soulfulness, kindness, friendliness and compassion to honor our friends that need our support, voice and love. Yoga is for healing. All are welcome to this class. There are ‘no limitations’. If you can breathe, you belong here. My greatest gratitude for the organizers of the Rochester VegFest. I wanted to do one long ago, but thought I’d be the only one that would show up! THANK you…..its a privilege to be a part of this event.

Peace and light to ALL, Saraja.

Grounded by Yoga Studios & Yoga Teacher Training Center, LLC, Founder/Director Finger Lakes Natural Living Fair September 29, 2018, Founder / Organizer

Classes meet in the lodge at Martin Luther King Jr. Park. The lodge is right next to Chestnut Street, down the stairs and through the glass doors on the left.