Vegan Billboards!

Animal Rights Rochester will be posting two billboards around Rochester from May 6th to June 2nd!  One will be on a very high traffic area on the inner loop, and the other is TBA.  Both will resemble the image here.

Thank you to JP for providing the image (and reworking it for the billboard layout), and for taking the initiative on this project.  Thank you to Jade at Lamar, the billboard company, for working with us to get some great locations.

The funds for this mostly came from fundraisers we held around the time of our first billboard, so thank you to people who attended ARRoc’s 2016 Holiday Dinner, and a Red Fern fundraiser in 2017.  We were holding onto the funds, waiting for a good billboard location to be offered to us.  The funds we had raised are short about $300, so if you would like to contribute to these billboards (or future ones), you can do so at our Donation page – you can leave a line in the memo to earmark them for billboards.