OM Chanting at VegFest



OM Chanting is a group chanting technique that generates a lot of positive and healing energy, is beneficial for the Earth and helps raise our consciousness. When we chant the mantra OM in an OM Chanting group group for a sustained period of time we begin to feel amazing benefits and most importantly, our group intention and prayer get amplified.  The energy collectively generated during and OM Chanting circles goes out into a large radious, showering everyone and everything with positivity. 

The OM Chanting at the Rochester VegFest will be dedicated to animal welfare. We will unite with the intention to help shift our collective consciousness towards a more compassionate way of eating and living, and send supportive energy to all animals suffering. Change always starts with each individual. Chanting and meditation can help humanity tremendously to understand the value and unity of all beings. Please come and lend your voice to this special circle! No previous experience is necessary and everyone is welcome.

We will chant the sacred mantra OM out loud for 45min (it goes by very fast, you’ll be surprised!). Please bring a folding chair to sit on, or a blanket or yoga mat. 

*OM Chanting is an active group healing technique reintroduced by spiritual Masters Paramahamsa Vishwananda and Mahavatar Babaji to support the Earth and mankind in this time of need. The vibrational waves created by the circle help create a harmonious, peaceful environment and a unity between all beings and nature.


Time 11 am